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Embrace the Inner Freak

Film Student, Observer, Stress Baker

15 March 1991
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Zach Kinsey is a twenty-two year old who enjoys watching life through the viewfinder of his videocamera and listening to loud music in his headphones. His obsession with people watching and the oddities of the world has taken on new extremes since knowing Claire Bennet (a metahuman with the ability of rapid cellular regeneration) in High School. He's always seeking the unusual and wondering if another amazing person such as her will step in his path again.

Personality wise Zach is open and friendly, willing to talk to just about anyone about anything. He likes to find out what makes someone unique or special and he's not easily shocked or offended.

When he's not making short films, investigating strange occurrences or haunted locations, he's seeking out the best coffee shops or baking new types of cupcakes to unwind.

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